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  • Can I bring my outfit along to the appointment?
    Yes, in fact we encourage it. Better still come along wearing it!
  • Can I bring a friend for a second opinion?
    Of course, your appointment should be a fun and enjoyable experience so having a friend or partner to share it with should be encouraged.
  • What happens if it rains on the day of my event?
    Good old British weather is so unpredictable therefore please be prepared for rain! Headpieces should be kept out of the rain so don’t forget your umbrella.
  • Can I hire for longer than a weekend?
    Yep of course you can, flexibility is key. Please ask for prices at your appointment.
  • Do I leave a deposit?
    Yes, all headpieces require a refundable deposit. However, if your headpiece is lost, stolen or damaged in any way your deposit will be used to replace it. So, please look after it as if it were your own, thank you.
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